Re: What is ARP

From: Martin Spencer (
Date: 01/31/03

From: "Martin Spencer" <>
Date: Fri, 31 Jan 2003 11:04:33 -0000

"Pierre Nilsson" <> wrote in message news:QCs_9.8926$


> Hi!
> ARP stands for Address resolution protocol and is used for translating
> MAC-address to IP-address. The message you posted probably means that an
> ARP-request was sent but then timed out because no answer was recieved. I
> dont have any clue about the reason for this. Please correct me anyone if I
> am wrong :-)
> /Pierre
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> Pierre Nilsson
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I should have put the subject to What is ARP doing, but i forgot to type the word *doing* - senile dementia setting in i think. My appologies.

You are quiet right though Pierre - but i am intriqued whether these packets are from an internal source - ie. disconnected LAN or if its my ISP trying to get intouch becuase i have nobbled something that i shouldn't have done in the firewall. Is it possiple to spoof as an origin of the packet?

Appreciate the quick response though Pierre


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