Re: IP Address

From: Mimic (gn0rty@gn0rties.ville)
Date: 01/31/03

From: "Mimic" <gn0rty@gn0rties.ville>
Date: Fri, 31 Jan 2003 00:49:10 -0000

"Ford" <> wrote in message
> Good day,
> My questions are concerning IP addresses.
> When I check my dial up IP address using "winipcfg", I will get an IP
> address such as 200.200.200.
> When I connect to certain websites, such as or
> or
> all give me the same IP address, such as 250.250.250 (different as when I
> get in winipcfg)
> When I connect to or
> to get my system scanned, they give me an IP address of 200.200.200 (the
> same as when I get in "winipcfg")
> Why is my IP address different between the various websites?

The first 3 you mention take the ISP cache server address. The second two

You might find the first 3 use something like php to get the IP ie:
$REMOTE_ADDR, and the others use some net stat type IP retrieval, but i
honestly dont know the difference on how they go about it.

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