Re: Buffer overflow?

Perhaps the problem is the result of an issue within a third party
application that has been integrated into the windows shell. If this was
the case it might make it appear that explorer is having a problem with
the file and crash.


Alexander Sotirov wrote:
Ivancool2003@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
I have windows xp service pack 2 and if i create a file with a 253 Characters long and i press it with the right button, the shell is stopped; explorer.exe and another aplications are reinitiated. What has happened?

I can't reproduce on a fully patched XP machine. I have a few questions:

How are you creating the file?
What is the name of the file you are creating?
Does the file have an extension?
What filesystem are you using?
Are you creating the file on a network share or on the local filesystem?
Are you creating the root of the drive, or deeper in the directory structure?
What is the full path of the file?
What is the default character set of your machine?
Does your machine have any other security updates installed?
If the problem reproducible? Does explorer.exe crash every time you right click?
Can you reproduce the problem on multiple machines?
If it is reproducible, can you attach WinDbg to explorer.exe and save a
crashdump? I can give you detailed instructions on how to do this.