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From: Ratter (
Date: 09/23/05

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    Date: Fri, 23 Sep 2005 14:34:31 +0200
    To: Jose Morales <>

    JM> I would like to contribute to the list a paper i just had published that
    JM> discusses the vulnerabilities of current virus detectors for pocket pc's, it
    JM> is scary to think that such simplistic detectors are the current state of
    JM> the art for such powerfull devices, it leads one to think that the lessons
    JM> of the past have not been learned, feedback on the paper is appreciated and
    JM> welcomed, i hope it helps those interested in this area of research feel
    JM> free to contact me.
    OK, here's the feedback. You're creating unnecessary havoc. There are
    AFAIK two or three pocket PC viruses/trojans. One is done by me,
    second is probably a modification of mine and third is a trojan done
    by some russian writer. All are very easy nonencrypted code, so what
    else than a simplistic detector you would like to have? Yes, there
    exists polymorfic generator written by Vecna/29A (published in last
    29A magazine) and a Dust version that uses it. But this virus is on my
    disk only, it will probably never be published as I'm retired.

    So the question stands - for what you want to add detection for
    encrypted/polymorfic/epo/metamorfic/whatever viruses to PPC detectors,
    when there is _no_ virus, that uses them? Can you see the overhead it
    would cause? The antivirus size increase? The time increase spent on
    detection? This really is ridiculous.

    When the time comes (and it probably will come), adding advanced
    detection techniques to given PPC antiviruses is a matter of very
    little time, because as you say all of these techniques are relatively
    well elaborated in the PC world. When there will be people out there
    that will take every ITW virus/worm and modify by few bytes, then the
    time comes to add more advanced scanning techniques. Now it's simply
    waste of resources on both sides - antivirus companies and _mainly_
    user's devices.

    You have very nice equations in the paper, very academic approach, but
    well, the paper lacks one thing. Real life experience.

    Best regards,

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