Re: PocketPC exploitation

From: Nicolas RUFF (
Date: 09/19/05

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    Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2005 17:47:14 +0200
    To: "Vuln-Dev@Securityfocus. Com" <>

    > i would like to know if some of you have experience with exploitation of
    > PocketPCs and could give me some ways and tools (debugger...).
    > since some vulns come ( )
    > I know that writing a DLL (Fuser) is quite easy with eVC++ (Embedded),
    > so a "download and execute"-like shellcode could be amazing...

    Pointers to begin with :

    - Microsoft Embedded Visual C++, with on-target debugging :

    - Phrack #63 "Hacking Windows CE"

    - And the upcoming IDA Pro 4.9 with Windows CE on-target debugging :

    - Nicolas RUFF
    Security researcher @ EADS-CCR

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