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Date: 09/19/05

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    Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2005 10:27:07 +0000
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    RUXCON is quickly approaching yet again. This e-mail is to bring you up
    to date on the latest developments on this years conference.

    Our speakers list is complete [1] and our timetable has been finalised
    [2]. Below is a list of presentations for RUXCON 2005 (in order of

       1. Breaking Mac OSX - Ilja Van Sprundel & Neil Archibald
       2. Binary protection schemes - Andrew Griffiths
       3. Using OWASP Guide 2.0 for Deep Penetration Testing - Andrew van
    der Stock
       4. Black Box Web Application Penetration Testing - David Jorm
       5. Long Filename, Long Parameter, Malformed Data. Another Day,
    Another Vulnerability. Same Bug, Different App. - Brett Moore
       6. Computer Forensics: Practise and Procedure - Adam Daniel
       7. Poker Paranoia - Sean Burford
       8. Moving towards the Artificial Hacker - Ashley Fox
       9. Attack automation - Roelof Temmingh
      10. Electronic Evidence - a Law Enforcement Perspective - Jason
      11. Beyond NX: An attackers guide to anti-exploitation technology for
    Windows - Ben Nagy
      12. Crypto Rodeo - Amy Beth Corman
      13. Trust Transience: Post Intrusion SSH Hijacking - Metlstorm
      14. Attacking WiFi with traffic injection - Cedric "Sid" Blanche
      15. Securing Modern Web Applications - Nik Cubrilovic
      16. Malware Analysis - Nicolas Brulez
      17. Deaf, Dumb and Mute: Defeating Network Intrusion Detection Systems (NIDS) - Christian Heinrich

    As in previous years, there will be activities and competitions, which
    allow attendees to have fun, win prizes, and socialise, all while
    enjoying a cold beer on an Australian summers day.

    Some activities which will be held during the conference include:

      * Capture the flag
      * Reverse engineering
      * Exploit development
      * Chilli eatoff
      * Trivia

    This will be the third year in a row in which we've brought a quality
    conference to the Australian computer security community.

    Hope to see you there.


    RUXCON Staff


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