ndisasm bad opcodes interpretation

From: shadown (shadown_at_gmail.com)
Date: 01/07/05

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    Date: Fri, 7 Jan 2005 13:30:21 -0300
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    not a vulnerability but could be a headache while reverse ingineering
    or binary auditing/interpreting, etc. (ok anything related with
    get wrong values.

    shadown@twister:/tmp$ ndisasm -b32 salida
    00000000 49 dec ecx
    00000001 6E outsb
    00000002 7465 jz 0x69
    00000004 6C insb
    00000005 6563747561 arpl [gs:ebp+esi*2+0x61],si
    0000000A 6C insb
    0000000B 207072 and [eax+0x72],dh
    0000000E 6F outsd
    0000000F 7065 jo 0x76
    00000011 7274 jc 0x87
    00000013 7920 jns 0x35
    00000015 6F outsd
    00000016 66204968 o16 and [ecx+0x68],cl
    0000001A 61 popa
    0000001B 51 push ecx
    0000001C 7565 jnz 0x83
    0000001E 52 push edx
    0000001F 00 db 0x00
    shadown@twister:/tmp$ ndisasm -V
    NDISASM version 0.98.38 compiled Jan 7 2005

    0000001C 7565 jnz 0x83
    sould had been jnz 0x65

    I've just tested ndisasm 0.98.36 and 0.98.38


    Sergio Alvarez
    Security, Research & Development
    IT Security Consultant
    email: shadown@gmail.com
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