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From: Dragos Ruiu (
Date: 12/18/03

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    Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2003 15:44:25 -0800


    Network Security Training Conference
    April 21,22,23 - 2004
    Vancouver, B.C.

    CanSecWest would like to announce the final really, really,
    last call for papers of the spring, fifth annual,
    CanSecWest/core04 network security training conference. The
    conference will be held on April 21,22,23 at the Mariott
    Renaissance in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
    The conference focuses on emerging information security
    tutorials and technology.

    So many people have come in after the deadline because we
    did it earlier this year and asked for more time...
    That the deadline will be extended to: January 5, 2004.

    Preference will be given to earlier proposals.
    Resubmissions are not necessary for those who have
    submitted though they may resubmit at their option.

    I would also like to announce the call for a second type of
    presentation. This year we will do a session of "lightning
    talks": 5 minutes max (BigHook/Gong enforced) and 1-3 slides.
    Selected "lightning talk" presenters will only receive
    registration discounts (or rebates) - travel and accomodations
    are their responsibility. "Ligntning talk" submissions
    should follow the same submission guidelines below.
    Deadline for "lightning talk" submissions is January 15th, 2004.

    Please make your paper proposal submissions on/before January 5, 2004!
    The conference is responsible for travel and accomodations for
    the speakers. If you have a proposal for a tutorial session then
    please email a synopsis of the material and your biography,
    papers, and speaking background to
    Tutorials are one hour in length, Only slides will be needed for
    the March paper deadline, full text does not have to be submitted.

    The CanSecWest/core04 conference consists of tutorials
    on technical details about current issues, innovative
    techniques and best practices in the information security
    realm. The audiences are a multi-national mix of professionals
    involved on a daily basis with security work: security product
    vendors, programmers, security officers, and network
    administrators. We give preference to technical details
    and education for a technical audience.

    The conference itself is a single track series of presentations
    in a lecture theater environment. The presentations offer
    speakers the opportunity to showcase on-going research
    and collaborate with peers while educating and highlighting
    advancements in security products and techniques.
    The focus is on innovation, tutorials, and education
    instead of overt product pitches. Some commercial content
    is tolerated, but it needs to be backed up by a technical
    presenter - either giving a valuable tutorial and best
    practices instruction or detailing significant new
    technology in the products.

    Paper proposals should consist of the following information:

    1) Presenter, and geographical location (country of origin/passport)
       and contact info (e-mail, postal address, phone, fax).
    2) Employer and/or affiliations.
    3) Brief biography, list of publications and papers.
    4) Any significant presentation and educational experience/background.
    5) Topic synopsis, Proposed paper title, and a one paragraph description.
    6) Reason why this material is innovative or significant or an
        important tutorial.
    7) Optionally, any samples of prepared material or outlines ready.

    Please forward the above information to to
    be considered for placement on the speaker roster.

    CanSecWest/core04 details can be found at


    Top security experts.  Cutting edge tools, techniques and information.
    Vancouver, Canada	April 21-23 2004
    pgpkey kyxpgp

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