Sobig / Blaster on steroids

From: J. Oquendo (
Date: 08/21/03

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    Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2003 13:32:12 -0400

    Didn't know which list to actually send this to, but
    I figured since it's a theory on what could happen
    should someone take more time configuring something
    similar to Sobig / MSBlast on a higher level using
    TCP / IP.

    Be gentle with the paper it's part informational,
    part theory. There is no harmful intentions in any-
    thing contained in the document, I state this should
    anyone get the notion that I wrote it to give virii
    creators ideas. I wrote the paper after wondering
    whether or not something similar to the content could
    be done, and if so what could be done... (Although
    I cannot imagine much being done).

    Yours truly,
    J. Oquendo / sil

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