Re: Operation TIPS

From: Benjamin Krueger (
Date: 07/18/02

Date: Thu, 18 Jul 2002 00:10:30 -0700
From: Benjamin Krueger <>
To: George Imburgia <>

* George Imburgia ( [020717 10:29]:
> Recently, the federal government started a program to recruit utility
> workers, postal employees, truck drivers and such into an informant
> program;
> When you choose to join, it takes you to;
> After looking at the source code of this url, it became apparent that
> sanity checking of user input is done on the client. Testing confirmed
> that this is exploitable.
> In other words, it's easy to retrieve a list of their volunteer
> informants.
> Apparently they plan to address issues like this the easy way, by locking
> up people that exploit it for life. This is a FEMA site, which would
> qualify for a life sentence under the "Cyber Security Enhancement Act of
> 2002".
> George Imburgia
> Senior Network Security Engineer
> Capitol Networking

Unless you somehow cause or attempt to cause somebody's death by exploiting
this weakness, you won't be subject to the lifetime maximum.

Sec. 105(5)(B) under the Cyber Security Enhancement Act says "if the offender
knowingly or recklessly causes or attempts to cause death from conduct in
violation of subsection (a)(5)(A)(i), a fine under this title or imprisonment
for any term of years or for life, or both."

Apropos penalties would probably be those in Sec. 108(b) which amend Sec.
2701(b) of title 18, United States Code. Thats just my assumption. IANAL.

Benjamin Krueger

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