Re: OpenSSh 3.4p1 PrivilegeSerparation experiment

From: Philipp Buehler (
Date: 06/29/02

Date: Sat, 29 Jun 2002 10:55:42 +0200
From: Philipp Buehler <>
To: "HAYDEN  AARON N." <Aaron.Hayden@Colorado.EDU>

On 29/06/2002, HAYDEN AARON N. <Aaron.Hayden@Colorado.EDU> wrote To
> o you expect disconnection from an ssh'd tty when root sends sshd the
> signal to hangup.


> A bug?:
> No, I do not think so.
> But is this the behavior you would expect?

Yes, the spinoffs are not LISTENing (as you stated), so what's the
point in rereading a config being used for LISTEN sshds?

See the same behaviour in Apache privilege seperation about
graceful restarts. The spinoff httpds do not care for the
new configuration aswell.

Altogether I don't see where this is a vuln-dev?


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