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Date: 06/05/02

From: Thor Larholm <>
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This may be somewhat offtopic, but how does the DMCA 'handle' foreign
countries? There's quite a big world outside of the US of A, and being part
of that outside world makes me somewhat ignorant and irrelevant to any
restrictions laid out by the DMCA since it has no jurisdiction anywhere

Does it specifically mention how to handle 'sensitive' research outside of
its borders? Should I tripple check before planning any visits to the
states? ;)

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Sure the XBox is protected by the DMCA. However, there are six exemptions to
the DMCA, which include encryption research and security testing. Security
testing (section 1201j) requires permission whereas encryption research
(section 1201g) apparently does not. The paper stays strictly related to
encryption research, so I tend to think the author has fulfilled legal
obligations. On a related note, the work is beyond the understanding of the
general public, so I'd doubt MS will lift a finger. Now if somebody did
something based on the paper...


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> XBox the XBox OS protected by DRM new DRM patent? Meaning that any
> security vulnerabilities could be used to enable copyright infringement;
> the publication of which would be illegal DMCA the DMCA?
> It will be interesting to how MS responds to this.
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