RE: DirectX 9 SDK, Microsoft have got balls....

From: Andy Wood (
Date: 05/27/02

From: "Andy Wood" <>
To: "'cami'" <>
Date: Mon, 27 May 2002 17:38:48 -0400

   Gimme a break! Cannot uninstall?!? MS is such can uninstall
windows, but not Direct X. Yeah, ok! It's not able to be uninstalled
until someone, other than MS, posts how it is done. Remember when IE4
couldn't be uninstalled? Hmmm....more like what you're forced to
swallow rather than what is possible....which is just about anything
with computers, 'eh? ....well, not on wintel boxes, sorry!

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Subject: Re: DirectX 9 SDK, Microsoft have got balls....

| I've got hold of a copy of the DirectX 9 SDK beta. It comes with the
| interesting warning:
| --------------------------------------------
| This beta version expires on Aug 20, 2002.
| You will need to reinstall Windows if you do not
| have a valid DX9 ID & password to download Beta 2
| --------------------------------------------
| Anyone in a position to comment on exactly what Microsoft think they
| have the right to do to an end users PC?

Since when do you have the right to 'get a copy' of DirectX 9 when only
official beta testers are suppose to have it?

| Less of a legal argument, more of a technical "what-they-gonna-do".
| Format c: would be too easy.

DirectX 9 can not be uninstalled, so when the timeout expires and you
are still stuck using it, guess what, your machine wont boot into
Windows XP..

Moral of the story, do not use pirated software if you are going to
complain about the possible aftermath..

Plain and simple, isn't it?

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