Re: Publishing Nimda Logs

From: unprivileged user (
Date: 05/08/02

From: unprivileged user <>
To: zeno <>
Date: Tue, 7 May 2002 18:20:12 -0400

On Tuesday 07 May 2002 17:06, zeno wrote:
> Here is an idea.
> Perhaps make windows do updates every 5 minutes in default install. Problem
> solved.
> -

Aacckkk! No! Windows XP Pro has the automatic update service enabled by
default and that is a BAD idea. I want to know what patches are going to be
installed before they reach my production servers. For one thing I don't
want to install things that don't apply to my system. For another patches
are not always tested sufficiently (NT4 SP2 anyone?)

I would prefer that Microsoft leave this function out of the default install
and opt for "inform me when a patch is available" mode instead. They can
even make it red and flashy and say "critical" but don't install it for me.

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