Re: XP Screen Saver password uses Old password until logout or New one is used.

From: Muhammad Faisal Rauf Danka (
Date: 04/30/02

Date: Tue, 30 Apr 2002 13:18:01 -0700 (PDT)
From: Muhammad Faisal Rauf Danka <>
To: "Ghazi H. Al Wadi [NGHA-CTC]" <>,

Is'nt that the case with all win* since long time?
Well the password is cached, that's why it verifies from cache, where it should verify it from the actual password location. Lack of routine addition in all screensavers I guess. Remember flushing cached Passwords in win* , HEH! =)

P.S. It's not a feature, untill its discovered by Microsoft.

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--- "Ghazi H. Al Wadi [NGHA-CTC]" <> wrote:
>Today I have as usual, changed my PC logon password (XP Home Edition). When
>the screen saver started, I dismissed it and by force of habit, I typed the
>old password. To my surprise I was able to unlock the screen saver using the
>old password.
>I was able to do that several times, However, once I logout or use the new
>password I am unable to use the old password and have to use the new one.
>The question is , Is this a feature. and from a security point of view
>wouldn't that be a vulnerability. If not is it documented any where. And
>last, was this issue addressed before.
>Kindest regards
>Ghazi Al Wadi


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