RE: Testing Of Windows 2000 and NT4 IIS .ASP Remote Buffer Overfl ow

From: Thor Larholm (
Date: 04/13/02

From: Thor Larholm <>
Date: Sat, 13 Apr 2002 20:53:34 +0200

> From: Brett Moore
> Probably a more reliable and safe way of testing if this patch
> is installed or not, would be to test 1 of the css holes?

You could use the 404 CSS error to check if the server has the patch
installed. Make a request for some non-existant page, e.g.
http://YOUR.TLD/3lkb54j6b4kjb6jk456bk45bk45jb, then read line 42 and

Not patched line 42:

        document.write( '<A HREF="' + escape(urlresult) + '">' +
displayresult + "</a>");

Patched line 42:

        InsertElementAnchor(urlresult, displayresult);

Custom 404 page: Anything else. If they bothered to make a custom 404 page,
they probably also bothered to apply critical patches as this one.

This is all demonstrated at, where a quick
survey of the "Simple" examples show that, and are still unpatched. You may get different
results from testing, as they most likely run in a cluster.

Thor Larholm
Jubii A/S - Internet Programmer