Re: Patch for the "Microsoft IIS False Content-Length Field DoS Vulnerability" (bid 3667)

From: Ivan Hernandez (
Date: 03/06/02

Date: Wed, 06 Mar 2002 15:41:11 -0300
From: Ivan Hernandez <>
To: Bob at firstcodings <>

Your understood is correct. Your patch would solve the problem correctly !

Ivan Hernandez

Bob at firstcodings wrote:

> Hi members,
>I think no patch has been released at this day.... so, I wrote one myself
>using ISAPI filters.
>As I understood RFCs, a hit generated by a "GET" method, does not need the
>"Content-Length:" header. If this is true, I think my filter is correct.
>The page is
>(source code is included). For now, please consider this filter as "beta
>I installed this filter on a production server which has an average load :
>after 2 days and at this point, all is fine. Above all, exploit described in
>bid 3667 does not work anymore.
>Thanks to email me at "" for any
>comments/feedbacks/suggestions about this filter.
>Bob - firstcodings.
>P.S : my english may not be correct, sorry :)