SSH2 Exploit?

From: John Compton (
Date: 02/26/02

From: "John Compton" <>
Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2002 07:10:39 +0000


I recently had a break-in on a redhat linux system. The attacker installed
what appears to be torn kit, but there was one thing which caught my
attention. I found a binary named "sshex" on the compromised system. I
guess this is the exploit used to break in cause most of the servers here
are kept up-to-date. The system was being used to actively scan for ssh

[root@testbox ]# ./sshex

7350ylonen - x86 ssh2 <= 3.1.0 exploit
dream team teso
usage: 7350ylonen [-hd] <-p port> <-t target> <-d packet_delay> host

RH 7.x - SSH-2.0-3.x SSH Secure Shell
RH 7.x - SSH-2.0-2.x SSH Secure Shell
RH 6.x - SSH-2.0-2.x SSH Secure Shell
Slack 8.0 - SSH-2.0-3.x SSH Secure Shell
SuSE-7.3 - SSH-2.0-3.x SSH Secure Shell
FreeBSD 4.3 - SSH-2.0-3.x SSH Secure Shell
FreeBSD 4.3 - SSH-2.0-2.x SSH Secure Shell

It tries to connect to port 22 when I target localhost, but I can't tell if
sshd is crashing or not as I can't use gdb to attach to the process in time.
  The only SSH vulnerabilities I could find affected SSH1 servers, or
OpenSSH. Has anyone else found this exploit on their systems or know
something about it?

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