RE: Rumours about Apache 1.3.22 exploits

From: Pedro Hugo (
Date: 02/26/02

From: "Pedro Hugo" <>
To: <>
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2002 23:28:37 -0000

Yeaps... That's one of the exploits I know... I don't have it yet but I
know some guys who tested it and didn't worked out...Since they executed
it as root (NO NO NO !!! :) ) I would maybe bet in a backdoor.
More interesting, is a bind exploit from w00w00 (w00bind-0.5.tar.gz)
that says it exploits a remote heap overflow in bind 9.x versions (and
maybe 8.x versions)...
The interesting thing about it is that it detects all 9.x and 8.x
versions as exploitable... And the code doesn't look to have anything to
exploit bind...
Ah...I have heard about another bind 9.x exploit, this one is said to be
working !

>According to rumors, this exploit is called 7350cowboy (maded by TESO
team) and exploit Apache 1.3.x versions.
>When executing exploit we see:
>7350apache - x86/linux/BSD/*nix apache = 1.3.x remote (root/nobody)
team teso (thx bnuts, tomas, !). Compiled >for Butcher
>usage: ./7350cowboy [-h] [-v] [-a] [-D] [-m]
> [-t <num>] [-d host]
> [-L <retloc>] [-A <retaddr>]

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