Re: Reported Kazaa and Morpheus vulnerabilities

Date: 02/04/02

From: <>
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Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2002 11:05:58 +0100

Under search menu select "everything" and search for system.ini to see how
many users share windows directory.
This morning I've found 10 users with 428273 online users.
You can easily find the ip of these ones and browse their hd.
Maybe it's better if someone release a patch to disable "c:\windows" sharing
or a simple popup alert windows...


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> RE the article on the BBCs website at
> I just searched the archives at Securityfocus and CERT and neither
> any relavent results
> I mean, pointing a browser to http://ip_address:1214/ does give a list of
> files... it gives the list of files that you're sharing. So what?
> Anyone know anything about this?
> Harry M