AW: IE Denial of service (sorta)

From: Matthias Kerstner (
Date: 12/05/01

From: "Matthias Kerstner" <>
To: <>, <>, <>
Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2001 17:17:26 +0100

clicked on it [crash.html aswell as crash2.html] - didn't crash... just took
him some time to work on the output. i'm running:
win2k / p2 300/ 196MB ram / connection = adsl / sp2 installed

mc general

[not posting on list, sorry]

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Betreff: IE Denial of service (sorta)


I found this months ago and though it was patched but it managed to cause
new errors
on win me with all updates on IE in kernel. On default win2k IE install it
sucks up 100 percent cpu
for half on hour(128 meg of ram).

Please click on it and tell me what happens to you.
(include version and patch info)

Its a image tag with some garbage characters in a particular order.
I haven't bothered contacting microsoft yet because I'm not sure just how
common a problem
this is, and with what patches installed.
also try /crash2.shtml