Black Hat Windows Sec. Briefings CFP - Deadline 12/15

From: B.K. DeLong (
Date: 11/28/01

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Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2001 13:57:38 -0500
From: "B.K. DeLong" <>
Subject: Black Hat Windows Sec. Briefings CFP - Deadline 12/15

Hey all-

With all the discussion of Windows vulnerabilities and reawakened
discussion of the XP DDoS issues, I thought the following would be appropriate:

>The Black Hat Windows Security Briefings 2002
>New Orleans, Louisiana
>Call for Papers Reminder
>Windows Security Briefings will be February 7th - 8th 2002 at
>the New Orleans Radisson Hotel, back-to-back with the city's Mardi Gras
>The Black Hat Windows Security Briefings focuses on the security issues
>created in the Microsoft Windows environment -- specifically the Windows
>2000 and Windows XP family of operating systems. Briefings will be 3
>tracks (Techical, More Technical, and Deep Knowledge) over 2 days, with
>approximately 25 different speakers being chosen to present.
>Black Hat Inc. is currently soliciting speakers through a Call for Papers
>which ends 15 December 2001. We're very interested in talks focussed on
>the recently-released
>Windows XP and the Microsoft .NET development platform - presentations
>that include tools and/or demonstrations will be given special
>consideration. ABSOLUTELY no vendor presentations.
>If selected, speakers will receive free conference entrance, an honorarium
>of $1,000 USD, and airfare & hotel costs will be covered. (If you are on a
>panel, the honararium and expenses must be divided between participants.)
>Check out the conference details and speaking requirements needed to fulfill
>the Call for Papers at
>Thank you,
>Jeff Moss

B.K. DeLong
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