Re: Malicious use of

From: Festive (
Date: 11/27/01

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Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2001 12:32:46 +0800
From: Festive <>
Subject: Re: Malicious use of

I am normally quiet on the forum - but the recent posts have
disturbed me.

As for the original post - we should ALL be aware that if we dangle
our bits out there, we can not only expose ourselves- but others.

what happens if a company sues for malpractice etc due
to insufficient controls and his site being used in an attack.

(reality being that any attacker worth his salt would be using
more sophisticated methods)

I do believe however for all of the maligning and derision
directed towards Mr Gibson, that he has (and continues to)
perform a valuable service to the larger net community
(ie those not connected to these forums), so surely
some lattitude must be afforded him.

The post about him is hardly constructive - and professional
courtesy should have provided him with an opportunity to
fix the problem.