Shutting down windows NT remotely (without winnt toolkit)?

From: Lincoln Yeoh (
Date: 11/05/01

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Date: Mon, 05 Nov 2001 10:42:51 +0800
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From: Lincoln Yeoh <>
Subject: Shutting down windows NT remotely (without winnt toolkit)?

A reboot isn't helpful coz the machines come back up and start scanning the
whole internet again. And the clueless admins probably won't even notice.

A proper no data loss shutdown without having to upload a program is
preferable. I tried shutting down NT 4.0 using cmd.exe, rundll32.exe and
user32.dll stuff and no luck so far :(.

With a shutdown the admins should notice and eventually fix things. If they
don't then the server probably wasn't doing anything useful (just scanning
the internet :) ) so it might as well be shut down :).

Any ideas welcome.


At 03:57 AM 04-11-2000 -0800, Robert Freeman wrote:
>>From my experience, without an active monitoring agent, any process may
>request a legal system reboot. A more efficient method would be to use
>malicious code to reboot, blue screen, or black screen (yes, black screen!).
>I haven't continued virii-esque development past NT4 SP6, but I imagine the
>techniques would still work as well as pass right through any monitoring
>agent. I have a lot of free time these days so I might see what I can cook
>up for 2000/XP.
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>> Is it possible to use it shutdown those Code Red/Nimda NT servers
>> Does IIS by default have enough permissions to shutdown the whole computer
>> or must it do some set privilege thing?
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