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Date: 10/16/01

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Subject: Re: Civil Disobedience
Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2001 12:22:12 +0200
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I'm with you.... Personally I think it's all in mentality... You have people
that solve crossword puzzles, hackers and crackers and a whole lot of
others.. If somebody just cracks my box as a mental challenge (thus figuring
out how to do it himself without scripts n stuff) and does no damage
whatsoever and sends me an email stating he cracked my box and did no damage
like installing root kits etc I have NO problem whatsoever with the guy/girl,
if he cracks my box to down a service/delete files etc it's a whole different
thing. Under this law they'll be the same, I don't think that is

Is there some sort of petetion against this or anything else? If so am I
allowed to sign it (I'm from the netherlands, born and raised)? If not
somebody might want to set one up...


On Monday 15 October 2001 16:29, John Thornton stuffed this into my mailbox:
> ( Moderator: Please pass this though Blue Boar. Please just allow this
> thread even if it is just for a day )
> In case you have been living under a rock the past few weeks. You should
> know that our civil liberties are under attack. Kevin Poulsen wrote:
> "Hackers, virus-writers and web site defacers would face life imprisonment
> without the possibility of parole under legislation proposed by the Bush
> Administration that would classify most computer crimes as acts of
> terrorism."
> (, Hackers face life imprisonment
> under 'Anti-Terrorism' Act). When you read the news this morning you will
> see that this bill was passed by the Senate.
> (, Senate passes terror bill).
> I will say that most of the readers of this news group are not hackers but
> Network Administrators that are very involved with the Security Community.
> That is why I am asking you, not to report minor scans against your network
> to the abuse department of any ISP if this bill becomes law.
> I as a Network Administrator for many years now have been on a routine to
> check my logs for scans against my network every morning and send the logs
> of attacks to the abuse department of the ISP. I encourage every Network
> Administrator I ever talked to follow this practice to this day. It is my
> job Network Administrator to report these attacks on my network, it is what
> I am paid to do. However if/when this bill becomes law I will no longer
> report these attacks and I urge every Network Administrator to join me in
> this Civil Disobedience Protest against this bill.
> If/When this bill becomes law, Hackers/Script Kiddies will no longer be
> looked at as just kids messing around with computers, but as terrorists.
> Just as the press started to tell the difference between a criminal who
> uses computers and a Hacker. Now they all are just going to be terrorist. I
> have a problem with this.
> Perhaps you think this could not happen to you. Well I would suggest you
> read the story on Jerome Heckenkamp ( ). I
> contributor to BugTraq who wrote a exploit for qpop who is now facing 16
> counts of computer crimes, a maximum sentence of 85 years, and up to $4
> million in fines. After Qualcomm reported him to the FBI. This case is
> harsh now, just imagine if this happen under the 'Anti-Terrorism' bill.
> This could happen to you.
> Again, I have always felt it was my duty to report attacks against my
> network to there ISP. I looked at it as doing my part to make the internet
> more secure. I figured it is a good lesson for the kid to have his service
> taken away. If this bill becomes law then its no longer just some kid
> getting his service taken away. It is something that can escalate to much
> more and could result to some kid going to jail for a long time. I will not
> be a part of it even if there is just a slight possibility that this can
> happen. I want nothing to do with it.
> I ask each and every one of you to join me in this protest. It is not to
> late to make a difference. Once you lose your right you will never get it
> back.
> Thank you for your time,
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