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Date: 08/22/01

Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2001 08:11:35 -0600
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Subject: RE: Cell phone access to email

The problem is that the customer never gave out the passwords and the
server is behind a firewall not controlled by Qwest so how do the phones
have access to the server for email without ever asking for a password
during setup or at time of request?
Dave H

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If it is anything like Nextels system the password information is stored
on their end and authentication is made the same way the system knows
which number goes with which phone. So yes, anyone with a cloned cell
can get the email.

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Subject: Cell phone access to email

I am hoping someone can answer a question for me. A customer of mine is

testing a new cell phone from Qwest. It gives them access to cheap cell

phone connection and Internet mail. The problem is it connects to
without a password. I can see if qwest was the server location and they

were doing a copy of some sort, but the server is behind a firewall from

Qwest yet they are getting email to the phone both external and local.

Any Ideas?
Dave H