Re: Winnt/Win2k Vuln ?

From: Felipe Franciosi (
Date: 08/10/01

Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2001 10:27:40 -0300
From: Felipe Franciosi <>
Subject: Re: Winnt/Win2k Vuln ?
Message-Id: <>


My quick analysis:

If you type something on the location bar of explorer, it will try to
execute it if it's in the windows desktop.

The file was executed only because the extension was .COM... if you
try .BR or .ORG, for example, explorer will ask you which program to

tested on windows 98 with exploder version 5.50.4522.1800

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> Hello all,
> I have found that if you name a file (can be any data file) a certain URL, on your desktop, and then g0 to IE and type that url, the web site will not come up, only the program that was named the certain.confusing?
> i.e.
> - copy autoexec.bat to ..\desktop
> - rename autoexec.bat to (can be any url)
> - then go to IE and type ""
> - your batch file is then ran
> a few issues i have w/ this is:
> - the prog will only run if it is on your desktop
> - if you type "", for example
> it will not run(unless u name your file the same thing)
> - it has only been tested on Win2k SP1, Winnt 4.0 SP6a w/ IE 5.5
> - it doesn't seem to have any privelage escalation (all progs are run as the current user logged on)
> Just want a few others to try it and see wut they think
> thanx alot
> redpantz
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