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Date: 07/30/01

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I followed the same procedure with TS in Admin mode and I was able to
terminate my session by closing TS Client. I then logged in again and was
able to Kill the CMD.EXE session that was still running from my prior
TSClient session. It didn't require me to reboot.

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I've verified this to work on Win2K Pro SP2. It took 3 F7s and my system
hard-booted as if I had hit the reset button.

On a Win2K Server SP2 on a terminal session (administrator mode) it doesn't
crash the box. However:
 - You can create a "cmd.exe" session that is unkillable
 - You can't log off that session
 - You can't kill that session or "cmd.exe" process from the console
 - You can't log the user off from Terminal Services Manager
 - You can't create another instance of "cmd.exe" in that terminal session
 - A reboot is required to kill the session.


Mark Saum

Fidelis Consulting Corporation
Dallas, TX

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Hello, this is a new bug found in W2K in all flavors, works with all levels
of users.
Here is the proof of concept:
Open a Cmd Window
Ping to any host (for example ping preferred a host in your LAN),
no switch needed. Just ping
Now press F7 and Enter (try a couple of times quickly...less than ten , and
you can see what a meaning)
The machine reboots, from nothing a warm reboot.
Please let me know if you have the same bug. I tried this in W2k sp2 English
and Spanish.

Daniel Siffredi
Administrador de Red de Microinformatica.
Nacion AFJP SA

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