Auditing /penetration-vuln assesment or firewalls


I would like here your advice about auditing , penetrating the
security of the firewalls. Tools methodoligies etc in general. If you
want to share brand spesific information my interest is mostly
Checkpoint , Juniper, iptables ,pf.


Securing Apache Web Server with thawte Digital Certificate
In this guide we examine the importance of Apache-SSL and who needs an SSL certificate. We look at how SSL works, how it benefits your company and how your customers can tell if a site is secure. You will find out how to test, purchase, install and use a thawte Digital Certificate on your Apache web server. Throughout, best practices for set-up are highlighted to help you ensure efficient ongoing management of your encryption keys and digital certificates.;4175;25;1371;0;5;946;e13b6be442f727d1

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