winAUTOPWN v2.9 - As [ C4 - WAST ]

Dear all,

It has been more than 3 YEARS since the first version of winAUTOPWN.
This is to announce release of winAUTOPWN version 2.9

This version introduces an improved GUI extension - WINAUTOPWN ACTIVE SYSTEMS
C4 - WAST gives the user the freedom to select individual exploits and use them.
Note that the legacy winAUTOPWN feature to fire all exploits available for open ports
discovered is still present and has not gone way.
Hence, this version gives pen-testers, hackers and sk00l-kidz, the ability to fire up
pertinent exploits according to suit scenarios.

A complete list of all Exploits in winAUTOPWN is available inside CHANGELOG.TXT
A complete list of User Interface changes is available in UI_CHANGES.txt

BSDAUTOPWN has been compiled, like always for various flavours and has been
upgraded to version 1.7 alongwith all applicable exploits which have been added
alongwith this release.

A complete Document explaining : How to use winAUTOPWN/bsdAUTOPWN, How to
add your own exploits using WELF(winAUTOPWN Exploit Loading Framework), other
advanced command-line options and everything else related to WINDOWS AUTOPWN is
available at the Downloads Section.
It is also available online at:

Crafted by : Azim Poonawala (QUAKERDOOMER)

winAUTOPWN and bsdAUTOPWN are available at
Author's website :
Blog :


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