RE: RDP over the internet

I remember this old conversation. New light perhaps?

Not really.

What was said then was a massive generalisation that couldn't really be
backed up with any solid data i.e. exploitable vulns in RDP. A hark back to
the old "You can't do that, it's insecure" days that saw CEOs treating
Security Officers like the enemy because they got in the way of "the

The new vulnerability has changed the threat landscape in terms of RDP. But
that's what we do, we deal with an ever changing landscape. What was said
then is still a massive generalisation, which, at the time still had no
solid data. Today's patch doesn't make it visionary or forward looking
(unless of course the author was sitting on a big fat zero-day..).

However. We have a vuln, we have a patch. That's it. If there was a new
patch for IIS tomorrow, would we see it being pulled from use by thousands
of organisations? No.


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