Re: VPN Service

erik wrote:

And the addresses located in The Netherlands (endpoints) is a perfect
reason NOT to use this provider
since no other country in the world has (relatively speaking) more
lawful intercepts than The Netherlands.

Really. Sad but true. All traffic is logged by law, and kept for the
duration of 2 (two) years. The bill you talk
about for Canada was passed here a couple of years ago. Police are known
to (illegally) conduct
search operations in these logs.

I would look for a vpn provider with endpoints in Sweden or (better)


I showed the above to my vpn provider (in Europe) and his reply follows:


Unfortunately the author of the article has very confused ideas about the Netherlands, Switzerland and Sweden.

In NL data retention applies to Internet Service Providers that bring connection to the end-user, and applies for 6 months, not 2 years, a shorter period than Switzerland."

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