Re: Technical Clarification about Sourcefire Defence Centre (DC)

"Mr Aman Shah" <mustafa.aman.shah@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

Hi all,

I'm doing my research / info gathering about capabality of Sourcefire Defence Centre (DC3000).

Basically I want to know, is that DC can communicate or receive log
file (such as .pcap , .tcp ,etc) from device or IPS which is not
Sourcefire IPS or Sourcefire Brand? For example is that posible DC
receive log from CISCO IPS, NX700 IPS , Fortigate IPS or others

I've not evaluated it for that use case. They can take input in from
open source Snort sensors though, that much I'm aware.

If you don't get any direct responses on that here, I'd engage
Sourcefire sales resources though. I'm sure that like most companies,
they'd be happy to get you scheduled for a telecon that includes a
sales engineer who can tell you more and answer your specific
requirements and possible deployment scenarios.

If you have an existing SIEM though, that is generally considered the
more flexible integration point.

Todd Haverkos, LPT MsCompE

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