Re: OpenSource/FreeWare Penetration Tools and Methodology


On 11/18/2011 03:25 AM, Digital DelaCroix wrote:
Hi Guys,

It's a fact NMAP is on top of the list, but want to get your inputs on other
(free) tools you can use for doing PenTest and even better how you do it.
i.e. reconnaissance, privilege escalation, Scanning, etc.. eager to learn
from the experience of you experts.

Much Thanks,


I attended a security conference recently and some of the guys there had
a speech about "PTES" which means "Penetration Testing Execution
Standard". They want to establish another kind of methodology for
penetration testing, since they realized that there is quite a lot of
confusion and a lack of good standards in this area (my interpretation).

They're building this thing right now and generally appreciate feedback
on this. You can find PTES here:

Could be interesting to you.


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