Re: Securely connecting to FTP

On 10/25/2011 07:23 AM, Benjamin Betsalel wrote:
So I have a couple of questions.

1) what are the implications of connecting FTP on port 21 with no encryption
my username and pass is sent plaintext to the server. Where can I or
where would I worry about being MiTM'ed ? My own LAN connection being
sniffed? any place inbetween my lan and the ISP server?

Everywhere. Assume that nothing is secure, and all connections can be monitored.

2) is it that smaller ISPs just don't provide this type of functionality, and you won't be able to encrypt while using FTP?
that is, is a secure ftp connection a bit of a premium that you pay
more for or need to look more specifically into other companies offering
"secure ftp services.", or should there be no reason why one ISP would
not be able to offer this service.

There is no reason why an ISP shouldn't be able to offer this. If they can't, it makes me question their technical acumen.

That said, I've never used an ISP for hosting - that's what hosting providers are for. ISP's connect you to internet pipes, and you should shop around for one which meets your needs. Hosting companies provide hosting, and you should shop around for one which meets your needs. Finding a good, reliable ISP which also does hosting well tends to be problematic - especially since ISP's need to be physically close to you (more or less) and hosting companies can be anywhere.

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