RE: Can an ethernet bridge be detected ?

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Objet : Can an ethernet bridge be detected ?
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I'm wondering when I setup an ethernet bridge like this:

.--------------. .---------. .------.
|workstation pc|------------|bridge
'--------------' eth0'---------'eth1 '------'

-using these commands on 'bridge pc':
||ifconfig eth0
||ifconfig eth1
brctl addbr bridge0
brctl addif eth0
brctl addif eth1
ifconfig bridge0 up

Is there a way to detect this bridge? Is the 'bridge pc' totally
transparent / invisible from both sides?

By default, the bridge will send spanning-tree PDUs ever two seconds on
each interface. These packets will have the bridge's MAC as a source, so
the workstation (or the router) running in promiscuous mode will detect
that the bridge is there.

Also, the router on your diagram may be set to automatically shutdown
ports upon reception of BPDUs to prevent the insertion of rogue switches
(which are just multiport bridges)

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