Re: MAC Spoofing Prevention in Wireless

Op 8-7-2011 21:30, bjesmer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx schreef:
The concept is fairly straight forward. The AP looks to see if there are 2 MACs of the same on the network and disallows the second one on the network. Not having worked with the Aruba yet, i would try a deauth attack against the mac you are going to spoof and then try to get on. If you can deauth that client and get on before it, you might be able to get in.
Your answer indicates a lack of knowledge. A layer 2 MAC address is the only differentiating thing on a wireless network (with the exception of certificates, which, no doubt, are being used in the Aruba network) for different stations. You cannot tell the difference between MAC and MACclone, hence you cannot if there is more than one MAC address active and thus not 'disallow the second one'.

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