Re: Server blocks access of IP after nmap scan

May want to try an idle scan:

#nmap -Pn -p- -sI target-ip

-p- optional as it scans all 65K ports


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I am conducting this little security test on a specific web server owned by a colleague of mine, saying it's pretty secured. So first I ran nmap but after the nmap scan completes (and it says all ports filtered, which is impossible), the web server became unresponsive. I called my friend in order to explain him how accidentally I DoSed his server but he says it's all ok. I check again - it's not responding. So I connect through a proxy and whoa - it's alive, so i guess after the nmap scan the server somehow protected itself by blocking access to the site for my ip. I would like to know what I can do in this case, how I can successfully complete a nmap scan without putting it 'down'. Any ideas please?

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