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Blocking IP: You can't really block this. This is needed to allow routing of packets back to you.

Blocking MAC: I assume you mean the MAC address on the computers. Why would you want to block this? How are they being posted to the Internet in the first place? Most outside entities will only see their routing neighbor's MAC(s).

If you're talking about someone external being able to spoof one of your internal IPs and get it passed into your network, any modern stateful firewall on your network perimeter (typically inside your demarc or ISP border router) should disallow that sort of spoofing by default.

Note: You lost me on the way people get hacked via Facebook/php forums...that would usually be through the web browser on the app layer.

If you need a solid stateful firewall to purchase, a low-end Juniper SSG should be relatively easy to handle... With 250 hosts, I imagine you're behind a firewall of some sort already.

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Hows it going security gurues.

My job is now taking on the security responsibilityes for my network. We have nearly 250 pcs on the network and theres about 30 macs too (ugh). I was just doing the network before this but the security guy got fired on the weekend after getting caught with drugs.

My boss wants to stop people being able to post their IP number on the internet. I was telling him that you have to worry about the MAC numbers getting posted too, otherwise you can get hacked using them if the hackers get those numbers. Most people dont really know thats how you can get hacked on facebook or some of the forums (especially php forums).

If I wanted to buy something to block these getting posted, what would be the best? Or should I look into doing it myself with linux?? Any good books you think I should read about this?

Thanks in advance,

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