Re: Cracking Hashs

On 17/02/2011 23:12, Juan B wrote:

I put a sniffer in our windows AD domain as part of a security audit ,I was able
to sniff a user that is authenticating to the proxy server.

I wanted to try to find the password but It seems I cant figure out if its lm
Ntlm or kerberus or ? id doesent look like lm or ntlm am I wrong?

I capture it using etthercap, here is what I capture:

HTTP : -> USER: mranol PASS: (NTLM)

INFO: Proxy Authentication
HTTP : -> USER: mranol PASS: (NTLM)

any ideas which algortihm are beaing used?



Both hashes appear to resolve from the password "123456789".
They are NTLM Session Security Hashes. So think NTLM + Challenge-Response.


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