Wireshark blinded - MAPI over RPC traffic cannot be located

I want to intercept MAPI over RPC traffic transmitted between MAPI client(outlook) and MS server. This is an attempt to bring in notice the dangerous of using insecure RPC(as All run-time and lower-layer headers are still transmitted in clear text.)to the higher management.

Interestingly when i open wireshark - i do not get any traffic related to RPC. I filtered my traffic using DCERPC/RPC both but em still getting void.

I know Microsoft have released a new protocol that would replace MAPI over RPC. The new propriety protocol termed as Outlook-Exchange Transport Protocol is infact very much remain to be the same old copy of the MAPI thing and still uses RPC (this is what i heard) It was more of a cosmetic change than the actual implementation change.

For the server it is Exchange 2003 and client em using outlook 2010.

How is it possible to locate the lost / hidden rpc traffic.? Where did it go?


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