Re: Reporting malicious people?

If you're in Canada, or the offender resides in Canada, you can report them to the RCMP here:

Adam Mooz
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On 2010-11-01, at 9:16 AM, ichib0d crane wrote:

I was curious as to what would be the most effective way to report
malicious activity from remote attackers. Who I should contact and
what not. I've tried contacting the ISP of the originating IP but that
seems to rarely work, or even elicit a response most of time.

Heres a kicker to, it's quite often that after investigating malicious
activity that I find a lot more personal detail's that skiddies and
phishers would prefer I didn't have. Who would I give this info to,
and how to contact them?

For example, I browsed my spam folder recently and found a simple
nigerian scam. I pulled the simple 'hackers dont fall for this' ploy
(and no, I really don't care if the label applies or not, its just
useful if they think so) and I have the guy immediately eating out of
my hands, thinking im ACTUALLY going to be a business partner. I lied
my way out of handing out contact info and instead elicited HIS
contact information. I've got a number,(possible) name, his home
country, IP + ISP. If I scrounge up change for a pay phone I can
probably get even more concrete details. But I have no clue what to
actually DO with any of this information, and I rather NOT just leave
this guy alone on his merry scamming ways :)

Any advice would be appreciated!

Gage Bystrom

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