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Op 25-8-2010 9:14, Andrei Popescu schreef:
I had something like this also.. I still have all the files, but in
my case the "hacker" just runned a CounterStrike server on my box. I have
found the exploit in a website that I host, it was an oscommerce and it had
a security issue in the pictures folder.. don't know how he had access but
the thing is he managed to reinstall openssh and somehow he got the root
password (not change it, I saw him logging in the box with my password, and
yes, the password was 18 characters, with letters and numbers and it didn't
mean anything).
So as somebody already said. You should watch for web application in
general. I managed to secure the oscommerce app and now everything is ok.

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Be warned! Usually it is never "only a counterstrike server". Do not trust the box and reinstall. I've seen and investigated a hacked box where it was thought to "only run a psybounce". It turned out a lot more was happening but since the kernel was made to shut up about it, it would not show the rest of the activities. It was a database server for provisioning an ISP. A lot of people were surprised when their free adsl connection was shutdown and a bill was sent.

Investigate, reinstall and close the loopholes.

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