Re: secure sharepoint 2010 design

On 2010-08-10 Boyd, Chad wrote:
My DC's are segmented from my workstations. (PDF)

I didn't say it can't be done, I said it's pointless to do it.

While most of the advice in that PDF is good in general, implementing
the firewall traffic map from chapter 3 will break a Windows domain. See
MSKB 832017 [1] for an overview of the required ports for various
Windows services, particularly NetBIOS, DirectSMB, NetLogon and Group

BTW, (client-side) DNS requires port 53/tcp in addition to port 53/udp.
It's a common misunderstanding that port 53/tcp were used only for zone
transfers. DNS also uses TCP connections when an answer to a name lookup
is too large for a single UDP packet.

To be clear, proper network segmentation can be a pain to set up...and
can be a bit expensive depending on the environment, but:
- Once it is set up, the security makes me sleep a bit better at night.
- If there's some crazy virus outbreak or compromise, it's a lot
harder for an attacker to take down everything.

True in general, but not for (Windows) DCs.

Why do you lock your car doors?
When you trust the person you locked in the front seat to never unlock
the car, why worry?

Going with this analogy: placing your DCs in a different network segment
is like locking your car doors with all the windows open.


Ansgar Wiechers
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becoming available."
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