Etherape filtering is not working?

Etherape filtering is not working?

..or is not well configured.
(Almost certain that it is the latter)

I want to monitor just one host in my network.
Computer 1 has Etherape installed, OS=Debian Lenny, IP
Computer 2 is the host I want to monitor, OS=WinXP, IP
The network:
Modem -> router (SweexLW055) -> Hub (3Com 3C16170)
-> Comp. 1
-> Comp. 2

Capture Filter is set as : src net dst net

But still etherape shows the internet-connections from and to computer 1
How is it possible to let etherape [i] only [/i] show the connections from
and to the (comp 2)

Thanks in advance

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