Re: Internet Kiosk Security -- Need Info!

Security Enthusiast <z3ros3c@xxxxxxxxx> writes:
I've noticed a large number of pay-per-minute internet kiosks around

If anyone has any suggestions, or any information about my query,
please let me know!

First, I'm obliged to strongly caution against any "research" done on
machines you don't own or that do not have explicit written permission
(i.e. the "get out of jail free" letter) to test.

That disclaimer aside, any discussion of kiosk auditing/security
should probably mention Paul Craig's Interactive Kiosk Attack Tool
iKat which seems to have a canonical location of (including a banner
graphic that may not be suitable for corporate environments):

It's included in Mubix's roundup of defcon16 goodies here:

Todd Haverkos, LPT MsCompE

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