Re: Reporting SSH abuse

Dan Pilcheck wrote:
Hello list,

I've been getting a slew of SSH brute forces coming from a university
inside the US over the
past week. Normally I wouldn't even bother with reporting, but I
figured this would be a
chance to clear this up.

Fail2ban bans for 10 hours, and then the login attempts area right
back at it. Repeat.

An email with associated logs, and perhaps a little info from this
side is the best I can come
up with. I suppose there's not much else to report, though.

Is there a 'standard' format to report ssh abuse? Like there is with
vuln reporting?

IMO, I doubt anything will happen, but if it were coming from my
network, I'd like a notification.


Honestly thats more than enough. I've had client sites that were doing the same and the notifications were more than ample to at least look into it. A nice note to the person should work, we had a couple in the past where the admin was a complete jerk in letting us know. So personally I'd recommend a screenshot of a log and perhaps just listing the IP and what its hammering against. (ssh in this case). Hope this helps!


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