Re: MSN virus

xiandu@xxxxxxxxxx writes:

Hi, Todd, Dana and other friends

Thanks for your suggestion again.

I tried two solutions:
1. reset the password; (have not seen its effects)
2. downloaded avira from CNET and installed in the PC and detected
several viruses: TR/Hijacker.Gen Trojan and recognition pattern of the
(harmful) BDS/Backdoor.Gen back-door program. (not sure if they are
the MSN virus).

I will see what happens in the next few days.

Standard advice upon a confirmed malware infection is to rebuild the
box if you want to be sure you've gotten everything. You
unfortunately can't trust the tools to find everything, let alone
fix/remove everything without causing some destabilizing issues in the

Backup data to an external drive, repartition, reformat, and reinstall
the OS from original optical media behind a hardware firewall that's
all by itself on the network (to avoid reinfection from other machines
that may be infected on the network), bring updates current, install
antivirus, bring its definitions current, scan the external drive
with your data on it with that antivirus, and then copy your data
back. Reinstall and update your pograms and you're all set.

It's no fun, but it's the only way to really know you've got a
trustworthy system again (and, surprisingly it often takes less time
than chasing the rabbit down every tentacle of a serious malware

Good luck!

Best Regards,
Todd Haverkos, LPT MsCompE

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