Re: pentesting voip network-please help

On Fri, Jan 29, 2010 at 01:14:04PM -0500, mzcohen2682@xxxxxxx wrote:
I started by trying to download the images files for the phones from
the tftp server by doing a brute force attack for the names of the

Check to see if the phones have web services enabled. A lot of
times, they do. This will give you the MAC address of each phone,
which you can use to pull down the configuration files. I've simply
scanned the network for port 80 then 'wget' all the phone
configurations. From there, with a little shell scripting, you
can write a routine to pull all the configuration files via TFTP.

That's if they have the web services enabled. I'm assuming
they are using SCCP.

Once you have them all, use 'grep' to find the interesting

after that... I tried to capture some RTP conversations but without any
success. I am connected to the voip vlan and used wireshark but It
doesnt detect any calles ! shoud I do some arp spoofing attack? but to
which mac's?

You'll need to MiTM it before you start seeing anything. I've
been at offices (multi-floor) that have default gateways for each flow.
That's the address I've MiTM.

any other ideas how to continue with this pentest?

what I see is that although the client didnt implement encryption or
any other security control just the vlan isnt not so eaxy to pentest a
voip network..

Nah. People often confused VLAN == security. What I've done in
the past is get a valid MAC address of a phone and use voiphopper
( to "jump" to the VoIP VLAN.
Voiphopper can "masqurade" as a Cisco phone and with the MAC address the
network won't notice any difference.

Of course, it'll be your laptop masqurading. So once you're
on the network, it sorta just becomes a "standard" pen-test. MiTM,
looking for unpatched machines, etc..etc...

Hope this helps....

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