Re: Windows Server without AD?

On 2009-12-04 Scott Race wrote:
Hello, I have come across a Windows Server 2003 system that has not had
AD (or DNS or DHCP) installed on it. It does have Terminal Services
installed (5 licenses) and there are local accounts setup for each user.
Single server for the organization.

What are the security implications of not having AD installed?

If anything it's increasing security, because the server is running less

I'm assuming one would be that it'd be easy to reset the local Admin
password and gain access to the box.

Resetting the admin password on a domain controller isn't significantly
harder than resetting the admin password on a standalone server. If an
attacker has physical access to the host you're screwed either way,
unless you your disks are encrypted.

Ansgar Wiechers
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becoming available."
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